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Drowning in the Storm

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Someone said something to me this week that hurt my feelings.  I don’t think they meant it to be mean, but because I was having a rough day, I took it personally.  Being an emotional person is hard because I get hurt way too often. Instead of staying mad, I came home and wrote some thoughts down that might help people who are supporting others through their trials.  

When someone is sharing their struggle of the storm they are caught up in, bring an umbrella and cover them up. Listen to them. Don’t tell them that you have a friend that is in a hurricane, so they should feel better because they are only in a storm. Making someone feel like their trials aren’t as hard as someone else’s isn’t helpful. It never feels better to tell someone that they should be ok because someone else is suffering “supposedly” more. That’s not how it works.

When someone is in the midst of a storm they need compassion, love and understanding. If you think they are being weak and shouldn’t be drowning, keep it to yourself. Because regardless of what you think, when the water rises, they are still drowning as much as the other friend in the midst of a hurricane.

Listen, lift and love each other.  No matter what trials we are all going through, they are hard for each of us.  When we are experiencing hard days we have pain, sorrow, grief, anger, resentment, and a whole bunch of other emotions we are dealing with.  Try not to focus on finding people that have gone through the same exact thing as you, focus on the fact that we all struggle and can learn from each other.  

Know I am here for you and I am ready to hear you.

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