Internet Safety, With a Sense of Humor

Being a mom is hard.  I’ve found myself trying to keep my kids in a little bubble of innocence as long as possible.  That’s not realistic, I know, especially with my oldest two daughters who are fourteen and thirteen years old.  When I was that age I was learning a wide variety of things from my friends, they enlightened me (not always in positive ways) as I was pretty naive.  

Today, we were talking about internet safety and how even when you are searching up a song on YouTube, something bad could pop up.  I was telling all of my kids (my younger three are 11, 10 and 6) that I have taught them what is right and wrong and if they come across an image or video that has bad content on it, to close the window right away.  

My six year old is hilarious and whenever we are having serious conversations about good and bad, she always seems to have great examples of what not to do.  During our conversation about the internet, she pipes up, “If you see an old Grandma naked, don’t watch it.”  

I couldn’t help it, I laughed, and felt so bad because she was being serious with a ‘what not to do’ example. She glared at me and told me not to laugh, since it was an important subject.  I pulled myself together and asked, “Have you seen a naked grandma on the computer?” Wondering where she got that from. “No!” She shouted quickly, as she rolled her eyes at me.

It was nice to laugh about, when I told Jeff (my hubby) later that night.  We are always laughing at the things she says, she comes up with some pretty funny stuff.  

Laughing made me realize I haven’t laughed enough lately, I think I will watch a good comedy with my hubby tonight so I can laugh a little more.  Do something to make you laugh today, it’s amazing what it does for the soul.

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