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What a Week

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

It’s been one long week.  

I haven’t been feeling great for the last couple weeks, feeling so tired and worn out.  But there was too much to do, I couldn’t find time to go to the doctor. We had three kids’ soccer games and practices, a school program, end of the year recital, a trip to St. George for my daughter’s cheer competition and a surprise visit to the vet.  Plus, I had to work all week. My body was yelling at me to take a break, but things were too hectic.

Thanks to my wonderful husband taking time off work to take my boys to their eye appointment, I found the time to get into the doctor. My chest has been burning, especially when I cough, I have been coughing up green stuff, and just so so tired. Worried I might have pneumonia again, like I did in August, I didn’t feel like waiting it out was a good idea.  After a nebulizer treatment the doctor gave me, my breathing improved a little bit, but not much. The doctor guessed I have asthma. Oh great, add it to my list of illnesses. That evening, my friend was able to get me into an ozone sauna (HOCATT) treatment, at her clinic, to help boost my immune system.

On top of the busy week, and not feeling good, our cat, Mittens, almost died during labor.  All of our kids are very attached to their cat and after debating what we should do, my husband and I decided we had to get her into the vet for an emergency c-section.  We couldn’t just watch her die. Mitten’s baby was stuck breach and she couldn’t deliver it. We were sad to hear that all of her babies died, at least 24-48 hours before we brought her into the vet.  After surgery and a lot of fluids, she is doing better. The budget wasn’t too happy about that bill! But we do things for our kids because we love them. I couldn’t sit and do nothing, my kids hearts couldn’t take that.  After staying at the vet for four days, Mittens, is home and doing well. She is being well taken care of by our kids, who are glad to have her home.

Our trip to St. George was fun, our hotel had a pool so the kids enjoyed swimming in our spare time.  Even though it was too cold for me to be in the water, they loved it! My daughter’s cheer team did awesome and got first place at her competition, also tying for Grand Champions out of all the teams.  It was fun to be there as a family to support her. Even though one of our son’s puked all the way home.

By the time we got home, I was feeling terrible.  My cough was keeping me up at night, my chest hurt and it felt heavy like there was something stuck in there.  After a trip to urgent care, luckily it wasn’t pneumonia, or asthma, but is was some other infection in my chest.  So, after a couple days on antibiotics, I am feeling a little better. I took the day off of work and slept as much as I could, while also taking care of my son who was puking the day before and still wasn’t feeling great.  

Some days I wonder how I can keep going, feeling so crappy.  It’s so hard to get up and go to work, and to take care of the kids and do everything around the house.  I am so worn out, no energy at all. More than anything I want to be able to do all of it. I think I have this unrealistic idea that one day I am going to be magically cured and I won’t have to limit myself anymore.  That somehow I won’t have to worry about being down in bed. That I won’t be sick again.

Reality is, I have chronic illnesses, and when I get sick, I get really sick and it knocks me down for awhile.  Those days, I have to rest and get better. Some days, I’m not going to feel good and I will need to rest. It’s been very hard for me to accept that I am a victim of chronic illness.  Being so fragile is annoying. But this is where I’m at and like it or not, I just have to keep taking it one day at a time.

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