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Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Yes, I have another cat story.  Don’t worry, I’m not some crazy cat lady. 

When I was little we lived on a farm and we had kittens running around everywhere.  I loved all the cats, naming every single one of them, catching the wild ones and nursing them back to health as needed.  Rescuing them when they were stuck somewhere, I loved them.  Living out on a farm, I lost a lot of cats and it broke my heart when I lost every single one of them.  Slowly, I stopped caring so much, so my heart wouldn’t keep breaking.  So there you go, you have my cat backstory...just what you were hoping to get from this post! : )

Anyway, I try to be a nice mom and let my kids have pets. Don’t get me wrong I love animals, even though I’m allergic to almost every animal. Our cats and dogs live outside and my allergies are tolerable. My kids have a favorite cat named Domino that we bottle fed for weeks when she was a kitten. She went missing one day and it was weird because she always hung out by our back door. Since we live on a small farm it is pretty common for our cats to go missing, but I was hoping that the kids wouldn’t lose Domino.

Imagine my surprise in the afternoon when I went to pick up the kids from school and I got a whiff of a terrible, awful smell as I opened up the door. My initial thought was that something died in my car. I started gagging (I have a very sensitive gag reflex) and didn’t know if I would have the strength to NOT vomit as I, hurriedly, put the windows down. 

As soon as I said out loud to myself,”what the...” I heard a loud familiar meow and saw Domino jump from the back of my car out the door I had just opened. I, of course, was relieved I didn’t find a dead animal in my car but completely grossed out when I realized that she had pooped in my car, and I had to figure out where it was (so, so gross). Somehow she must have gotten in my car the day before,  after bringing my kids home from school. That’s a long time for a cat to be in the car that, thankfully, was parked in our garage. 

I hadn’t given myself enough time to clean out the car before school pick up so I drove with the windows down and my kids were not happy with the smell when I arrived at the school.  We were all very disgusted, but I found myself thanking God that the poop was somehow only on one of the car mats, making it easy to clean with the hose.  It could have been so much worse.  I will be checking my car for cats everyday now.  

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